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Whipped Berry Porridge Jars

Whipped Berry Porridge Jars

 Whipped Berry Porridge Jars

Whipping up a sweet and creamy, healthy and hearty breakfast has never been easier and using wholesome and all-natural ingredients will keep you well-balanced and feeling good! These perfect porridge bowls are an excellent way to start your day, they are made with a 100% real fruit puree smoothie mix that is boosted with an antioxidant powerhouse blend and guarana, a natural stimulant that helps with inflammation and blood pressure. Sounds like this porridge jar is win-win and a hassle-free healthy way to begin your morning.


📝 Ingredients: Whipped Berry Porridge Jars               

 3 Cups Water                              

 2 Cups Lingonberries  

 3 Tbsp. Sugar           

 ¼ Tsp. Salt      

 ¼ Cup Semolina     

 ½ Tbsp. Smartfruit Superfruit All-Stars


🍶 Preparation:

  1. Start by adding berries, sugar, and salt to a pan; bring to boil
  2. Boil for 10 to 15 minutes
  3. Whisk the semolina and Smartfruit into the boiling lingonberry mixture, reduce heat and cook while stirring occasionally for an additional 5-10 minutes
  4. Remove from heat and allow to cool
  5. Once cooled, use a hand mixer to whip porridge into a fluffy foam
  6. Top with whipped vanilla sauce or dairy-free whipped topping
  7. Enjoy!  

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