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Vegan Harvest Reds Parfait

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Vegan Harvest Reds Parfait

  Vegan Harvest Reds Parfait

Pink overnight oats you said? That’s right! By soaking your overnight oats in Smartfruit Harvest Reds and almond milk you will get this delightful color on your oats. Not only good for coloring your oats Smartfruit Harvest Reds is an all-natural sugar free smoothie mix with essential minerals that help detoxify your body. This parfait also has Smartfruit Peanut Butter Omega which helps promote healthy digestion.


📝 Ingredients:


·         Oatmeal and Smartfruit Harvest Reds soaked in almond milk

·         Smartfruit Peanut Butter Omega

·         Purple corn cereal

·         Cocoa protein bar

·         Pomegranate seeds and granola



🍶 Fresh Juice Made Two Ways Using Smartfruit Preparation:


1.      Start by soaking oats in almond milk and Smartfruit Harvest Reds and leave overnight

2.      Next day add purple corn cereal, Cocoa protein bar, Pomegranate seeds and granola

3.      Top this off with Smartfruit  Peanut Butter Omega 

4.      Enjoy!


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