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Vegan Harvest Greens Parfait

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Vegan Harvest Greens Parfait

  Vegan Harvest Greens Parfait

These hot summer days call for Ice cream and why not make it a healthy choice with this vegan banana ice cream blend (aka nice-cream). This parfait recipe is infused with the detoxifying power of green matcha tea and Smartfruit Harvest Greens vegetable smoothie mix (a blend of cucumber. lemongrass, kale. spinach, apple and kiwi) and that is just one more reason you can feel good about treating yourself to this dessert. Indulging can be guilt free, and creating can be fun here’s what you need.


📝 Ingredients:


🍶 Vegan Harvest Greens Preparation:

  1. Freeze 2 bananas overnight
  2. Blend the bananas in a blender along with Smartfruit Harvest Greens
  3. Adding Green Tea Matcha powder and Coconut spread to the mix
  4. Layer into a container
  5. Add chopped peaches
  6. Laying the Ice cream mix on top
  7. Drizzle with Smartfruit Peanut Butter Omega from Flaxseed and granola
  8. Indulge!



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