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Unicorn Latte

Unicorn Latte

 Unicorn Latte

Starting your day off right is so important and getting a burst of antioxidants first thing in the morning is the perfect pick-me-up. Infusing your body with wholesome all-natural ingredients is the key to having a great day and making sure the things you consume are in line with your lifestyle is a must! That means instead of adding sugar to your lattes try adding a splash of the 100% real fruit puree blended to perfection found in Smartfruit Superfruit All-Stars. This smoothie mix is one of the most versatile on the market and is the perfect replacement for your regular simple syrup or any liquid sweeteners. Plus, it has an added boost of guarana, which is a natural stimulant that can help with inflammation and blood pressure. The perfect latte is only moments away, it is good for you, and will help you take on your day!


📝 Ingredients: Unicorn Latte               

 2 Tsp. Acai Berry Powder (Try Unicorn Superfoods)                              

 2 Tbsp. Cold Water

 Maple Syrup to Taste or Try Adding Smartfruit Superfruit All-Stars

 Ice Cubes      

 Cold Oat Milk     


🍶 Preparation:

  1. Start by combining acai powder, sweetener, and cold water
  2. Mix well
  3. Pour into a glass filled with ice
  4. Top with oat milk
  5. Enjoy! 

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