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Tropical Sunshine

Tropical Sunshine

Tropical Sunshine

 Vacation time anyone? After a full week of work and recovering from Superbowl weekend, I think you deserve a vacation. I know its last minute and we can’t afford to leave work for a week, so how about we bring vacation to you. Smartfruit will bring the sunny tropics in this thirst quenching Tropical Sunshine Drink. Feel the Caribbean vibes while relaxing on your couch. Smartfruit Tropical Harmony is loaded with tropical fruit such as passion fruit, papaya, guava and pineapple. All of these natural fruits may help aid in weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, and because it contains aloe vera, it may also aid in digestion, hydration, and boost your immune system. No need to travel far Smartfruit has created the ultimate vacay drink.


📝 Ingredients: Tropical Sunshine

✻ 6 oz. Orange or Blood Orange Juice
✻ 6 oz. Cold Water or Club Soda
✻ Garnish Fresh Blood Oranges and Rosemary



🍶 Preparation:

  1. Place all ingredients in a shaker, shake and pour over ice
  2. If your using club soda, follow step 1 and add the soda last to preserve carbonation
  3. Add Garnish fruit


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