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Tropical Protein Nice Cream Bowl

Tropical Protein Nice Cream Bowl

 Tropical Protein Nice Cream Bowl


For our next decadent dessert, let’s try something tropical! Made with ease, this Nice Cream is filled to the brim with wholesome ingredients that are not only vegan but completely natural. Our Nice Cream recipe is infused with the immune boosting power of zinc, vitamin-c, selenium, and echinacea from the Smartfruit Mellow Mango smoothie mix, which is a no sugar added concentrate made from 100% real fruit puree. So, no matter where you enjoy this creamy tropical dream, you’ll be transported to an island oasis in no time at all!


📝 Ingredients: Tropical Protein Nice Cream Bowl      


 ½ Cup Frozen Mango                             

 1 Oz. Smartfruit Mellow Mango

 ½ Cup Frozen Pineapple         

 1 Small Banana (Frozen)    

 1 Tbsp. Plant Based Vanilla Protein Powder   

 Splash of Orange Juice    


🍶 Preparation:

  1. Start by combining all ingredients into a blender
  2. Blend until smooth
  3. Spoon into your favorite bowl
  4. Top with fresh fruit, coconut slivers, puffed rice, or edible flowers
  5. Enjoy!

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