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Toasty Toast Tuesdays

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Toasty Toast Tuesdays

Toasty Toast Tuesdays


Some snacks are so simple, so easy to make, that you totally forget about them! Here’s a delicious Fruit Mix Toast recipe that is one of those forgettable yet snacks. Each Fruit Mix Toast recipe comes pack with various tropical fruits ingredients such as Papaya, Guava, Passion Fruit and pineapple to deliver a dynamic, rich and creamy flavor. Also, we can’t forget that each Fruit Mix Toast is boosted with an all-natural immune response promoting blend of Zinc, Vitamin C, Selenium and Echinacea that will leave your immune system anything but mellow. Lastly, we coupled this delicious Fruit Mix Toast with blend of Aloe Vera to help aid with digestion, hydrate, and boost your immune system. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a delicious healthy meal.



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