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The Bold Berry

The Bold Berry

 The Bold Berry

Let’s have another round and this time make it bold and berry! This decadent cocktail is the perfect fusion of bold berry flavor and a sweet and sour finish. Made with easy and wholesome ingredients and boosted with an all-natural 100% real fruit puree smoothie mix, this brazen beverage is the perfect balance of good and good for you! Smartfruit Blooming Berry is a shelf-stable, fat-free, and gluten-free smoothie mix that is the absolute ideal addition to any cocktail, plus it has an powerful antioxidant boost to kickstart your body and help to protect your cells against free radicals. Sounds like a win-win if you ask us!  


📝 Ingredients: The Bold Berry  

 1.5 Oz. Silver Tequila                              

 1/3 Oz. Absinthe  

 5 Blackberries            

 ½ Oz. Lime Juice      

 ½ Oz. Agave Syrup

 1 Egg White or 1 Tbsp. Aquafaba (Vegan)       

 ½ Oz. Smartfruit Blooming Berry Smoothie Mix


🍶 Preparation:

  1. Start by muddling the blackberries in the bottom of your cocktail shaker
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and shake well
  3. Add ice to shaker and shake again
  4. Strain into an ice filled glass
  5. Garnish with fresh blackberries, a sprig of rosemary, and maybe even a charred lemon wheel
  6. Yum!

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