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Strawberry Froyo Made with Smoothie Mix

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Strawberry Froyo Made with Smoothie Mix
 Strawberry Froyo Made with Smoothie Mix
Freshen up your Froyo this weekend by adding some Smartfruit Summer Strawberry into the mix. This Smoothie Mix is the perfect combination for adding flavor to your treats whilst remaining sugar free. All Smartfruit products are GMO free and suitable for Vegans. These all natural fruit juice concentrates are free from sugar and other sweeteners, they have been boosted with superfoods so are perfect for a tasty guilt free treat.
📝 Ingredients:
🍶 Preparation:
  1. Add 6-8 oz Smartfruit Summer Strawberry to your coconut-based frozen yogurt base, whisk and add to your batch freezer. 
  2. Top with fresh strawberries, and drizzle with Smartfruit Summer Strawberry
  3. Top off Vanilla drops popping candies
  4. Indulge!

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