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Smartfruit Super Stack Pancakes

Smartfruit Super Stack Pancakes

 Smartfruit Super Stack Pancakes 


Everyone loves breakfast for dinner so why not enjoy breakfast as a snack too? Incorporating wholesome ingredients in to every meal and snack is a healthy goal and using products like Smartfruit Peanut Butter Omega will make that goal much easier to attain.


📝Smartfruit Super Stack Pancakes Ingredients:


🍶Smartfruit Super Stack Pancakes Preparation:

  • Repeat layering your pancakes with the peanut butter and bananas until your stack is complete!
  • Top your pancake stack with a spoonful of jam, a scoop of Snickerdoodle ice cream, mini waffle pieces, and sprinkle with the paleo mix and freeze-dried strawberries 
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Everybody loves pancakes, why not add some nutrition to a delicious treat. Try out our pancake recipe and let us know how it turned out!

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