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Being that Spring is just around the corner, here in the Smartfruit lab we decided to cook up a special 100% Fruit Blend SmarTea recipe. Smartfruit and Ice Tea have always been a match made in heaven that we like to call SmarTea. Since each Smartfruit flavor delivers a unique boost (Antioxidants, Energy, Detox, Oast Fiber, Immunity) adding it to your ice tea makes a lot of sense in terms of flavoring and nutrition. Here’s a few 100% Fruit Blend SmarTea thirst-quenching combinations.

📝 Ingredients:




Strawberry Lemonade 

Berry SmarTea

🍶 Preparation

  1. Start with Smartfruit, add 4 oz of tea, stir well. Then add the remaining tea.
  2. Pour into a glass filled with ice and add the fruit.

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