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Smart Frescas

Smart Frescas

Smart Frescas


Happy Monday everyone! Before summer ends why not give our delicious 100% Fruit Blend Smart Frescas recipe a try, we promise you won’t regret it. Each 100% Fruit Blend Smart Frescas taste just like the actual fruit. The sweetness of the flesh, the bite of rind... it’s all there just minus the seeds. plus, nothing says refreshing quite like a ripe and juicy fresh cut watermelon. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we did it again. We infused this delicious and refreshing treat with coconut water to hydrate your day with essential electrolytes without compromising the authentic real watermelon flavor.

📝 Ingredients:


Watermelon Raspberry + Electrolytes

Greens & Mint + Detox

Pineapple & Green Apple + Prebiotics

Blueberry & Lime

  • 12 oz Cold or Soda Water
  • 2 oz Lime Juice
  • Fresh / Frozen Blueberries

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