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Rice & Berry Parfait

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Rice & Berry Parfait

Rice & Berry Parfait


Hello World! Let’s talk comfort foods. When people think comfort foods they think pizza, pasta, pie and ice cream. well now they can add this rice & berry parfait to the list. It is so satisfyingly good, with blasting flavors of 'Smartfruit Sunny Banana and Smartfruit Blooming Berry'. What more can you ask for with this combination. This combo will have you craving for more. The best part of the rice & berry parfait is there are no added sugars. so, if you need a quick pick-me-up this is it. Smartfruit Blooming Berry is high in antioxidants that remove harmful agents from your organs. Smartfruit Sunny Banana is a 100% fruit blend and non-GMO bananas that are a good source of potassium. Now that’s comfort food at its finest.


📝 Ingredients:

·         ✻ 120g Brown Rice

·         ✻ 3 oz. Soy Milk

·         ✻ Fresh Blue Berries & Edible Flowers

·         ✻ Smartfruit Blooming Berry


🍶 Preparation:


  1.  Soak brown rice in hot soy milk (optional)
  2.  add ½ Smartfruit Sunny Banana for a sweet version.
  3.  Add rice to your favorite jar,  layer with Smartfruit Blooming Berry
  4. Top with fresh berries and edible flowers

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