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Red Dragon Overnight Oats

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Red Dragon Overnight Oats

Red Dragon Overnight Oats


Happy Superbowl Weekend!!  Pre-Game your weekend by preparing the ultimate super bowl. The day before the Superbowl we all like to watch our friends and family play flag football. Well, let’s cheer them on with this amazing healthy super bowl. Try this amazing over the top Red Dragon Overnight Oats recipe. Overnight oats and Smartfruit’s Blooming Berry helps promotes high antioxidants which removes harmful agents from your organs. Chai seeds helps build energy and endurance it also provides fiber iron and calcium. That’s a smart way to get your team ready and going for the big game. Now that’s how you Pre-Game.


📝 Ingredients: Red Dragon Overnight Oats

✻ 1 Pitaya Overnight Oats
✻ ¾ cup FineOat Flakes 
✻ 1 Tbs. Chai Seeds
✻ 1 Tbs. Desiccated Coconut
✻ ½ Tbs.Pink Pitaya Powder
✻ 1 Cup Plant-Based Milk


✻ Coconut Chai Pudding

✻ 1 ½ Chia Seeds
✻ ¾ Cup coconut Milk
✻ 1Tbs. Smartfruit Blooming Berry




🍶 Preparation:

  1. Add all ingredients for pitaya overnight oats to a jar, mix until blended and store in fridge overnight
  2. Add all ingredients for coconut chai pudding into a separate jar, mix until blended and store in fridge overnight
  3. In the morning add overnight oats to your favorite bowl
  4. Top with a helping of chai pudding
  5. Finish with the fresh berries

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