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PB banana & Jelly

PB banana & Jelly

PB banana & Jelly


If you’re looking to take advantage of this weather with a picnic, we’ve got you cover with a delicious Smartfruit PB Banana & Jelly recipe that all your friends & family can enjoy.  It’s hard not to smile when thinking about the summer and sun-washed ripe red strawberries. Each Smartfruit PB Banana & Jelly is 100% fruit mix that is brimming with strawberries. We prepare each Smartfruit PB Banana & Jelly in small batches in our Brooklyn, NY facility where we carefully crafted this product to actually taste like the fruit you see pictured on the bottle. Our Peanut butter doesn’t contain any artificial stabilizers so it’s not only perfect for spreading on bread, but also pouring into a smoothie, onto a delicious frozen treat or as a garnish for your favorite dessert.

📝 Ingredients:


  1. Slice the bagel to two halves and toast them. 
  2. Spread Smartfruit Peanut Butter and a thin layer of Smartfruit Summer Strawberry
  3. Slice the banana and raspberries and add them to bagel.

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