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Honey Infused Vegan Parfait

Honey Infused Vegan Parfait

Honey Infused Vegan Parfait
We love kicking the week off with a lovely parfait and this all-natural tasty parfait makes an amazing breakfast or mid-day snack whatever time you have it you’ll enjoy it. Infused with Smartfruit Summer Strawberry smoothie mix, this parfait will keep you on track of your healthy lifestyle. It will help increase stamina and and sustain energy levels throughout the day. NYC healthy and delicious Smartfruit mixes are shelf stable and the naturally tasty.


📝 Ingredients:

·       Overnight oats

·       Soaked in honey and coconut milk

·       Add more honey and Coconut-based yogurt

·       Crunchy peanut butter and chocolate granola

·       Smartfruit Summer Strawberry

·       Scoop of almonds

·       Meiji strawberry sticks


🍶 Preparation:

1.     Soak oats overnight in honey and coconut milk

2.     Add more natural honey and Coconut yogurt

3.     Add Smartfruit Summer Strawberry on top then layer with more coconut yogurt

4.     Top with Bananas and Almonds

5.     Finish with Meiji Strawberry sticks

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