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Healthy Berry Parfait Recipe

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Healthy Berry Parfait Recipe

  Healthy Berry Parfait Recipe



In the mood for a perfectly blended parfait that is as pretty as it is delicious? Yes, please!


This berry parfait can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is made using simple wholesome ingredients layered together in blissful harmony.


This blooming berry parfait recipe contains powerful ingredients like Matcha green tea powder-a pure organic ground version of the popular antioxidant tea. Powdered Matcha offers benefits like increased focus and concentration, higher energy levels, enhanced metabolism, stronger immune system, clearer skin and general improved well-being. As it is in powdered format, it is a simple and healthy addition to parfait recipes.


Containing an astonishing 20 strawberries, 80 raspberries and 250 blueberries, Smartfruit’s Blooming Berry blend offers a delicious and nutritious fruit smoothie mix that adds a refreshing taste to this berry parfait recipe. Not only is this berry blend gluten free and vegan but it is also loaded with other ingredients that contain well known antioxidant benefits like Acai,Goji, Acerola and Maqui berries.



An all-natural and gluten free twist to a favorite spread Smartfruit’s Peanut Butter+Ωmega is another great addition to this berry parfait recipe. Boosted with flaxseed oil, known for it’s rich source of Omega-3, it offers a healthy and tasty amount of Omega-3 ALA in every serving to help promote good heart health!

With all the awesome ingredients containing multiple health benefits, this Blooming Berry Parfait is packed with goodness!


📝 Healthy Berry Parfait Ingredients (use proportionally to size of jar): 


 🍶 Parfait Preparation:

  1. In a small bowl blend the matcha green tea powder, cereal, coconut oil, and chia seeds together. Add generous amount for the first layer of your parfait.


  2. Next add a layer of popcorn coated with Smartfruit Blooming Berry smoothie mix


  3. Top your Smartfruit and popcorn layer with another helping of the matcha mixture


  4. Finish your parfait with a scrumptious layer of Smartfruit Omega Peanut Butter, a few popcorn kernels, the Almond Acai Perfect Bar, and drizzle with a little more peanut butter
healthy berry parfait recipe
healthy peanut butter spread
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