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Harvest Infused Vegan Parfait

Harvest Infused Vegan Parfait

Harvest Infused Vegan Parfait
Layering up on this wintery summers day! This yummy parfait has all the layers you need for wholesome goodness and all-natural GMO free Smartfruit parfaits. Smartfruit Harvest Reds is made up of sweet red beets, purple potatoes, carrots, ginger and bananas. Coupled with the detoxifying Smartfruit Harvest Greens containing kale and spinach along with the superfood spirulina. This is one parfait that packs a loaded punch of goodness and tastefulness. We always try to innovate and try new flavors because that's how magical combinations are discovered. Keeping you healthy. Smartfruit is a smoothie mix distributor based in New York City, That is GMO free, and suitable for Vegans.

📝 Ingredients:
  1. Overnight oats soaked in Almond milk
  2. Vanilla protein
  3. Smartfruit Harvest Greens
  4. Smartfruit Harvest Reds
  5. Coconut-based yogurt
  6. Granola
  7. Fresh fruit (Kiwi, Bananas and Strawberries)
  8. Pocky sticks
🍶 Preparation:
  • Soak oats overnight in honey and almond milk Add Vanilla protein and mix in Coconut yogurt
  • Add Smartfruit Summer Strawberry on top then layer with more coconut yogurt and granola
  • Top with Bananas and Almonds Finish with Meiji Strawberry sticks
  • Indulge!

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