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Green Superfood Popsicle's Made with Smoothie Mix

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Green Superfood Popsicles Made with Smoothie Mix

 Green Superfood Popsicle's Made with Smoothie Mix


Whether you are looking for a delicious frozen treat to cool down on a hot day or an after work out refresher this icy delight is for you. Infused with the detoxifying power of Smartfruit Harvest Greens Smoothie Mix which is loaded with leafy greens, fresh fruits, and the always amazing spirulina. This simple recipe will be the perfect addition to your freezers frozen goods section. Hand them out at a summer barbeque to keep your guests cool or grab one after your workout to detoxify and rejuvenate. 


📝 Green Superfood Popsicle's Made with Smoothie Mix Ingredients:


🍶 Green Superfood Popsicle’s Made with Smoothie Mix Preparation:

  1. Mix 1 part Smartfruit Harvest Greens with 3 parts water
  2. Peel and slice kiwi fruit
  3. Mash kiwi fruit and add to Smartfruit and water mix
  4. Pour mixture in to popsicle mold and freeze until solid  
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7 years ago
A deliciously nutritious treat for the whole family to try!

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