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Flawless Parfait

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Flawless Parfait

Flawless Parfait


I woke up like this! I woke up like this! Flawless!  Beyoncé could not have said it any better. Let me introduce to you our Flawless Parfait. What better to start your day with looking and feeling good. Flawless Parfait is so easily put together with coconut yogurt and SmartFruits Blooming Berry. Yes!  No added sugars, an all-natural fruit puree, high in antioxidants. Keeping it Sweet & Simply Flawless.


📝 Ingredients:

       ✻ Coconut yogurt

      ✻ Fresh Blue Berries

      ✻ Smartfruit Blooming Berry


🍶 Preparation:

  1. Add coconut yogurt into your favorite jar
  2. Pour Smartfruit Blooming Berry
  3. Then top it off with fresh blueberries

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