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Cool Red-Blackberry Cobbler Smoothie

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Cool Red-Blackberry Cobbler Smoothie

 Cool Red-Blackberry Cobbler Smoothie


Why not try this freshly blended blended Smartfruit smoothie. Made with blackberries, coconut cream and Smartfruit Harvest Reds veggie juice. Smartfruit Harvest Reds is made up of sweet red beets, purple potatoes, carrots, ginger and banana. GMO free and all natural, this smoothie has all your essential daily nutrients. Smartfruit is a smoothie mix supplier that has no artificial flavors, no colors, synthetic preservatives, no added sugars, and is GMO free. We always try to innovate and try new flavors because that's how magical combinations are discovered. Cheers to a flavorful day.

📝 Ingredients:
🍶 Preparation:
  1. Add all fruits into a blender
  2. Next add Smartfruit Harvest Reds and coconut cream
  3. Blend and place into a cup or jar of your choice
  4. Enjoy!

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