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Cherry Mint Mule

Cherry Mint Mule

Cherry Mint Mule

Last call on this round of drinks and it’s another homerun! This mule is anything but ordinary and the perfect refresher for any solo or group event! This powerful potion contains the all-stars of super foods and will give you an all-natural boost from the gluten-free and fat-free Smartfruit Superfruit All-Stars smoothie mix. This power packed smoothie mix is infused with guarana extract which is a natural stimulant that helps with inflammation and blood pressure. So this cocktail is not only good but it contains good for you ingredients. Can’t go wrong!


📝 Ingredients: Cherry Mint Mule    


4 Mint Leaves  

4 Fresh Cherries  

3 Oz. Cherry Pit Simple Syrup of 2 Oz. Smartfruit Superfruit All-Stars  

3 Limes (Juiced)  

4 Oz. Blanco Tequila  

Ginger Beer



🍶 Preparation:

  1. Start by muddling mint and fresh cherries together
  2. Add to an ice filled shaker that contains the syrup, lime juice, and tequila
  3. Shake well
  4. Pour into an ice filled glass
  5. Top with ginger beer
  6. Garnish with mint, lime, and fresh cherries

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