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Blue Valentine Parfait

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Blue Valentine Parfait

Blue Valentine Parfait


Let’s Celebrate the New Year Smart!  I’ve heard plenty of people say their New Year’s resolution is to eat healthy. well we can help you get started with our Delicious Blue Valentine Parfait. This parfait is packed with chia seeds one of the most versatile seeds in the world. You can sprinkle chia seeds on almost all your favorite foods adding all the great benefits that they have to offer. chia seeds are high in antioxidants and can boost your immune system. Now that’s starting the New Year off right! The Blue Valentine Parfait is filled with our All-Natural Mellow Mango Fruit Puree. Smartfruit Mellow Mango is boosted with an all-natural immune response promoting blends of vitamins and minerals. Can you envision your new year looking and feeling fabulous with Smartfruit? Cheers to a new you!


📝 Ingredients:

·         ¼ cup Chia Seeds

·         1 cup Plant -Based Milk

·         Coconut Yogurt

·         Maple Syrup

·         Butterfly pea Flower

·         Smartfruit Mellow Mango

·         Fresh Red currants & Cape Gooseberries


🍶 Preparation:

1.      Chia pudding – Mix Vigorously for a second add cup plant-based milk with chia seeds, add butterfly pea flower extract, Vanilla Extracts let sit for 5-10 Minutes, then repeat, Leave the mixture for a few hours or overnight then stir in some coconut yogurt & maple syrup

2.     Pour your chia Pudding in your favorite jar. Layer with Smartfruit Mellow Mango followed by another layer of coconut Yogurt & Top with fruits


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