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Berrylicious Fruit Juice Made with Smoothie Mix

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Berrylicious Fruit Juice Made with Smoothie Mix

  Berrylicious Fruit Juice Made with Smoothie Mix


This refreshing All-Star beverage can be enjoyed on a hot summers day helping you stay hydrated and revitalized this summer. With the perfect blend of Pomegranates, Blueberries, Acai, and Goji Berries, This Olympic dream team of superfoods can also help reduce blood pressure and inflammation. Boosted with natural antioxidants the Smartfruit Superfruit All-Stars is a healthy way to kick-start the day with a natural boost of nutrition and energy.


📝 Fresh Juice Made Using Smartfruit Superfruit All-Stars Ingredients:


🍶 Fresh Juice Made Two Ways Using Smartfruit Preparation:

  1. Mix 1 part of Superfruit All-Stars with 4 parts of water and pour over ice
  2. Enjoy!

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