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Berry Chia Parfait

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Berry Chia Parfait

Berry Chia Parfait


It’s the start of a new week and we have the perfect Parfait recipe to help you conquer your day. 100% Fruit Blend Berry Chica Parfait is not only good for you, it’s delicious! & perfect if you’re the “On the go” type. Each Berry Chica Parfait contains over fifty strawberries that are that are carefully crafted into small batches in Brooklyn, NY to actually taste like the fruit you see pictured on the bottle. Lastly, we boosted each 100% Fruit Blend Berry Chica Parfait with some natural antioxidant goodness derived from Superfruits such as Acai, Goji, Acerola, and Maqui berries. You can thank us later when you start making this delicious 100% Fruit Blend Berry Chica Parfait everyday as your on the go snack😊


  • Chia Pudding (Chia Seeds + Smartfruit Summer Strawberry + Blackberry Powder + Coconut Water)
  • Coconut Yogurt, Granola,  Coconut Cashew Bar
  • some Blueberry Pound Cake, Coconut Flakes and Walnut Butter.

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