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Barking Mad for Yogurt

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Barking Mad for Yogurt

 Barking Mad for Yogurt


Yogurt’s are full of calcium and protein, but when brought together with all-natural fruits we add fiber and vitamins to a delightful treat. So, what are “yogurt barks” This is a process that combines 100% natural fruit blends to natural yogurt and then stirred on an iced metal surface until it freezes. Once frozen you can break into smaller pieces to indulge. For this delicious Smartfruit recipe we have added green Matcha and red bean; Mango and Red Bean with a Smartfruit Tropical Harmony smoothie mix Drizzle and Pineapple, Dried Fruits, Smartfruit Sunny Banana smoothie mix and Red Bean. Three very different gluten free tasting desserts, with natural and essential nutrients.


📝 Yogurt Bark Ingredients:

·          Natural yogurt of your choice (Greek, Coconut, or Soy)

·          Fresh and Dried Fruits

·          Smartfruit Tropical Harmony

·          Smartfruit Sunny Banana

·          Red Bean

🍶 Yogurt Bark Preparation:

1.      Start with the yogurt of your choice

2.      Next choose your fruits of choice

3.      Add the above to an iced metal surface and mix/chop together until frozen

4.      Once mixed freeze until mixture is completely frozen.

5.      Next scoop into a bowl and drizzle with your all natural Smartfruit smoothie mix of choice

6.      Enjoy!

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